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HP-1.5  Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Truck

Capacity: 3300 lbs

3.3" lowered and 31.5" raised height

Powered by 12 voltage battery

10 - 12 seconds pumping from the bottom to the top

Safety overload system prevents the truck from being used beyond its rated capacity

The handle can be restored to its upright position automatically once you let it free


Lift motor power is 1.1 KW

Charger included


Item/Type   HP-1.5
Capacity lb 3300
Min. Fork Height inch 3.3
Max. Fork Height inch 31.5
Fork Dimension inch 6.4 X 2
Overall Fork Width inch 20.5 / 27.0
Fork Length inch 43
Loading Wheel inch 2.9 X 2.0
Steering Wheel inch 6 .0 X 2.0
Motor Working Voltage   12V
Battery V-Ah 12-63
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